CQS Conveyancing Practice Standards

CPMS Policy Notification Service

How often does your firm update their CQS (CPMS) Policies and Plans? Are you aware of what other accredited firms are including within their Policies and Plans? Do you find yourself spending significant amounts of time drafting bespoke paragraphs in anticipation of an audit?

With the COMPLETIONmonitor CQS Policy Notification Service you can receive suggested new paragraphs to assist you in making necessary changes to your CQS CMPS Policies.

Typically, we send out a monthly notification identifying 5 -10 new paragraphs drafted in the previous month.

Updating your Policies is particularly important given the constantly moving risk management landscape. As of 1st May 2022 accredited firms must be audit-ready and have their policies and plans available for assessment. This service will help practices ensure that their policies and processes meet the latest standards ensuring that policy templates are compliant.

This service is only applicable to law CQS accredited firms. If you are a Scottish or Northern Ireland firm please contact us directly about the availability for services to those jurisdictions.