Skipton Building Society Conveyancing Lender Panel Compliance Tool

Lexsure’s COMPLETIONmonitor is web-based pre- and post-completion checklist for residential conveyancing lawyers. Supported by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and PI insurers. It is a unique risk mitigation tool.

This system assists the way you can demonstrate to lender panels that you are, and can stay fully compliant with their instructions, with automatic updates on Skipton Building Society’s changes. While using this technology is not a prerequisite for Skipton Building Society , demonstrating you can stay up to date with Skipton Building Society’s Handbook requirements is a helpful support to your panel application and, just as importantly, protect your panel status.

COMPLETIONmonitor creates real-time alerts, automatically produces SRA and CQS reports, and will increase your firm's efficiency. It is also simply to use, cost-effective and, for many firms, leads to a PII saving.

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Banks and building societies often change their requirements. The UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook requirements from Skipton Building Society are not guidelines, they are instructions from a client. As with many clients, instructions can change - and they do change, frequently:

A Timeline of Policy Changes

Since 2008, Skipton Building Society has made 343 revisions or additions to sections of their version of the CML Handbook.
That equates to a section change every 8.0 days. In total, 62% of the sections of P2 of the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook for Skipton Building Society have been changed since 15/12/2008.

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Recent Changes Include

# Date Assoc. Changes Related To
6.6.4 15/10/2018 CML
6.7.1 04/10/2018 CML
5.19.1 05/06/2018 CML
6.7.1 28/03/2018 CML
6.7.1 23/03/2018 CML
5.14.9 16/03/2018 CML
3.1.5 03/07/2017 CML
5.4.6 28/03/2017 CML Local Search Indemnity Insurance
7.3 19/12/2016 CML
6.6.3 08/09/2016 CML

Last update 25/05/2019

FAQs : The Skipton Building Society Solicitor Panel from members of the public

I am hoping to receive a mortgage with Skipton Building Society. I intend to use a Licensed Conveyancer. Does the Skipton Building Society Solicitor panel allow for Licensed Conveyancers
Skipton Building Society’s conveyancing panel is, like many other lenders associated to the Council or Mortgage Lenders or Building Society Association, open to Licensed Conveyancers regulated by the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.
My conveyancer has spotted an inconsistency when comparing the information in Skipton Building Society’s valuation report and what is revealed within the conveyancing documents. My lawyer has advised that as he is on the Skipton Building Society conveyancing panel he is obliged to ensure that the bank is happy with this discrepancy and is content go ahead. Is my conveyancer’s approach correct?
A precondition to being on the Skipton Building Society approved panel is to comply with the CML Handbook requirements (last updated for this lender on Skipton Building Society) which do require that your lawyer disclose any incorrect assumptions in the lender’s valuation report and the legal papers. Should you refuse to allow your lawyer to make the appropriate notification then your lawyer will have no choice but to discontinue acting for both parties.
Your search tool is useful but there are many lawyers listed near Newcastle on the Skipton Building Society conveyancing panel. Can you recommend a specific firm on the conveyancing panel for Skipton Building Society ?
We do not recommend specific firms as the right firm for you depends on where your priorities lie. For example you may require a local firm with local knowledge or you might be looking for the low cost conveyancing. Before you appoint your lawyer we advise you to speak to two or three of the firms listed to gain comfort as to which one is right for you..
My solicitors in London have advised me that no longer have my conveyancing file. At the time of my purchase I took out a mortgage with Skipton Building Society. Is it case that being on the Skipton Building Society conveyancing panel they need to have retained the file for a number of years?
Different lenders have different requirements but many of the Terms and Conditions of Conveyancing Panel Appointment require the file to be held for a period of 6 years. That being said we have not seen a copy of the Skipton Building Society Conveyancing Panel Terms. It might be worth you contacting Skipton Building Society directly.
Is the case that all CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) solicitors on the Skipton Building Society conveyancing panel?
A selection of lenders now use the accreditation scheme as the starting point for Panel approval such as HSBC and Santander. CQS membership however gives no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. That being said,the Council of Mortgage Lenders have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for firms wishing to remain on their approved list of firms.
Do the majority of lenders operate their own panel of solicitors?
Many lenders do operate a restricted conveyancing panel but a lot of lenders allow any solicitors to join their panel so long as they meet their criteria. Each lender sets their own criteria. For example the Skipton Building Society conveyancing panel requirements are different to Skipton Building Society’s conveyancing panel requirements.
My fiance and I are in the throws of viewing flats and am about to put in an offer. Should I already have a conveyancer appointed at this stage? I intend to finance via a mortgage with Skipton Building Society
It would be sensible to have your start your search soon rather than later. After you have chosen your lawyer and once your offer is accepted you can instruct them to work for you and pass their details on the the EA. As you are getting a mortgage with Skipton Building Society , make sure you remember to check that your lawyer is on the Skipton Building Society conveyancing panel.