Birmingham Midshires Conveyancing Lender Panel Compliance Tool

Lexsure’s COMPLETIONmonitor is web-based pre- and post-completion checklist for property lawyers. Supported by the CML and PI insurers. It is a unique risk management tool.

This software facilitates the way you can prove to lender panels that you are, and can remain fully compliant with their instructions, with notifications given on Birmingham Midshires’s changes. Notwithstanding that utilising COMPLETIONmonitor is not a prerequisite for Birmingham Midshires , demonstrating you can remain up to date with Birmingham Midshires’s Handbook requirements is an excellent support to your application to their lender panel and, more importantly, safeguard your panel standing.

COMPLETIONmonitor generates real-time alerts, automatically produces compliance and CQS reports, and will enhance your firm's efficiency. In addition it is simply to use, cost-effective and, for many firms, leads to a PII saving.

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Banks and building societies frequently change their requirements. The UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook requirements from Birmingham Midshires are not guidelines, they are instructions from a client. As with many clients, instructions can change - and they do change, over time:

A Timeline of Policy Changes

Since 2008, Birmingham Midshires has made 322 revisions or additions to sections of their version of the CML Handbook.
That equates to a section change every 8.5 days. In total, 45% of the sections of P2 of the UK Finance Lenders’ Handbook for Birmingham Midshires have been changed since 15/12/2008.

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Recent Changes Include

# Date Assoc. Changes Related To
6.7.1 30/03/2020 CML
17.2.1a 24/09/2018 CML
6.7.1 07/03/2018 CML
6.7.1 19/05/2017 CML
10.10 28/04/2017 CML
6.6.1 28/04/2017 CML
10.2a 18/04/2017 CML
17.2.1b 18/04/2017 CML
5.15.2b 13/04/2017 CML
5.15.2d 13/04/2017 CML

Last update 30/03/2020

Common questions asked concerning the Birmingham Midshires Solicitor Panel from members of the public

It has come to my attention via my estate agent that my lawyer is not on the Birmingham Midshires Solicitor panel. How can I be certain that this is indeed the case?
You need to contact your lawyer directly. You lawyer should advise you what has happened. If they are not on the panel they may recommend you to a firm that is on the conveyancing panel for Birmingham Midshires.
Can you help?. For no fault of my lawyer but, the conveyancing for my house purchase has been going on for months. The Local Authority Search from Birmingham Midshires was dated random date and we have agreed a date for me to move into the property on Tues etc. My solicitor says that as she is on the Birmingham Midshires conveyancing panel she needs to redo the searches as they are no longer valid.
One of the many conditions to being on the Birmingham Midshires approved panel is to comply with the CML Handbook Part 2 obligations (last updated for this lender on Birmingham Midshires)which specifies that a local authority search be not more than half a year old. You should nevertheless ask your lawyer to check whether something called ‘search validation’ indemnity insurance is acceptable to Birmingham Midshires.
I require the services of a Birmingham Midshires panel solicitor in Inverness. Could you help me?
Unfortunately it’s not apparent why you need a Birmingham Midshires panel solicitor but in any event, if you can not find one on our search tool you will need to speak directly to Birmingham Midshires to find out which solicitors in Birmingham Midshires are on their panel. If you do find such a firm not listed please direct them to our site to list. After all the cost is only one £1 a month
I am purchasing a new build flat and getting a mortgage with Birmingham Midshires. Can I do my own conveyancing?
Leaving aside the complexities and merits of DIY conveyancing you will have to appoint a solicitor on the Birmingham Midshires conveyancing panel to look after their interests. Most people therefore find it easier to let the solicitor act for them and the lender. Furthermore there is minimal cost savings to made in you doing to conveyancing for yourself and another lawyer conducting the conveyancing for the lender. Please feel free to use the search tool to find a lawyer on the Birmingham Midshires conveyancing panel in your location.
Is the case that all CQS (Conveyancing Quality Scheme) solicitors on the Birmingham Midshires conveyancing panel?
It is true that some banks and building societies now use the accreditation scheme as the starting point for Panel membership such as HSBC and Santander. The Law Society’s CQS membership however is no guarantee to lender panel acceptance. That being said,the Council of Mortgage Lenders have indicated that it is likely to become a pre-requisite for firms wishing to remain on their approved list of conveyancing solicitors.
Two weeks ago we had a mortgage agreed in principle with Birmingham Midshires. Solicitors have been instructed? What is the average time that one could expect to receive a mortgage offer from Birmingham Midshires?
There is no definitive answer here. Have Birmingham Midshires completed the valuation? Have you advised Birmingham Midshires as your lawyers details and checked that your lawyer is on the Birmingham Midshires conveyancing panel? sometimes it can take as long as six weeks for a mortgage offer to be issued
My ex -wife’s name is on the Birmingham Midshires mortgage of my property but not on the land registry. The apartment was transferred to me on our divorce many years ago by way of a sealed court order. Does my ex still have a say on the sale even though the land registry showing the property in my name alone? Will I be required to take her name of the Birmingham Midshires mortgage in order to sell?
In terms of the Birmingham Midshires mortgage, it is unusual that your ex-wife’s name remains on the mortgage but not on the title. It is conceivable that this is an oversight on the part of your conveyancers to ensure that her name was removed or even an administrative error on the part of Birmingham Midshires in failing to update their data. In any event, it should cause difficulty providing her name no longer appears on the Land Registry title and you have a court order ordering that the property is transferred to you.