Easy Case Setup

Lexsure has long recognised the frustration that law firms experience when using disparate systems, causing issues with double-entry of data. We have already integrated our systems (via an API) with two case management system providers and are currently in discussions with several others.With a view to mitigating double-entry problems, we currently provide law firms with two alternatives to auto-generate matters on COMPLETIONmonitor:

  1. Most case management systems are able to generate a daily report of new cases opened. The report, in a CSV format, can be imported to our software and, once uploaded, the relevant data will be populated on our systems.
  2. Alternatively, most account departments of law firms are able generate an Excel spreadsheet of new matters on-boarded. The COMPLETIONmonitor team can then take the relevant data and upload it so it automatically populates on our systems.


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