Conveyancing Case Management

Conveyancing Case Management

COMPLETIONmonitor is less about conveyancing case management than it is about conveyancing risk management.

Whist it is true that some conveyancing case management systems profess that they reduce risk through their work flow systems (and there is some truth in that), the main object is increase efficiencies and productivity.

If you are solely looking for a conveyancing case management system or precedent bank then COMPLETIONmonitor is not for you.

COMPLETONmonitor is a unique intelligent checklist system that is purely focused on risk mitigation. It is for this reason the the software stands alone as being the only risk management system promoted by the CML and where a firm’s professional indemnity insurance can be reduced – depending on the insurer.  

Whether you receive volume conveyancing cases from lender panels, or concentrate on private client business, COMPLETIONmonitor is a crucial and unique risk management system that changes in line with new and emerging risks.

Conveyancing firms range from large conveyancing practices with multiple offices to sole practitioners.

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COMPLETIONmonitor does integrate with a number of case management systems, notably Select Legal. If you are a conveyancing firm and would like us to arrange for integration with your case managment system please make contact with us. Likewise, if you are a case management provider and looking to improve your conveyancing module we are happy to talk with you about integration.


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